What does Poonya?

Poonya is one of the names of the designated Red Panda, the line Poonya is developed by Sunag.
Our main goal is to meet the development of online games with tools and social networks.


Poonya requires browser that supports Web 2.0, recommend Chrome or FireFox.
You need WebGL or/and Flash Player.
What this Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy the information collected when you are connected to the portal Poonya.com, or any of branded products Sunag.
The information is used to share with our business partners and improvements of our products.

Collection and Use of Information

The Sunag collects information that can identify you when you register for an account. The Sunag also receives and records information on our server of your activities on our products, such as your IP address, and access number on our pages.

Information Sharing

Your information will be used to improve the portal's Poonya and products Sunag, may also be used as evidence in legal proceedings for any violation of the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.

The collected information will be available to non-public domain.

Cookies and Temporary Files

The Sunag store Cookies and Temporary Files on your computer to facilitate and improve the navigation of their products.

Changes in Privacy Policy

The Sunag may change this Privacy Policy from time to time.
The change is displayed on the homepage of the site or notification by e-mail.


Your personal information and password is protected for your safety. Some data can also be portal encrypted to increase their security of information.
1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

Welcome to Poonya! The Poonya ( "Sunag" ) provides to you ( "User" ) subject to the Terms of Use below, which may be modified during the update of the portal.

All rules are integrated to the Terms of Use by reference the terms and conditions contained herein, the Privacy Policy and any rules or policies that may be published in future updates to the portal Poonya.

By clicking "Confirm" indicates that the User agrees to the latest version of the Terms of Use, automatically linking to the rules contained therein.

2. Service Description

The Sunag offers a wide variety of products including online resources and communications tools, forums, program development, social networking and customizable tools that are accessible by various means available today.

3. User Registration

If any information provided by User is untrue, inaccurate or outdated, or Sunag has reason to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current, the Sunag have the right to suspend or terminate your account, regardless of notice.

The Sunag has no links with violent content or explicit nudity, any content found by the Sunag transmitted by the User that contains nudity or explicit violence will be removed without notification brief, and may be subject to account termination.

It is also parents' responsibility to assess and determine whether a service or content is appropriate when the User is under 18 years.

4. Privacy Policy

The Sunag has a Privacy Policy, where some information about User is subject to treatment, or referring to research that can improve your system. Read the document "Privacy Policy" available at http://www.poonya.com/faq/privacy for more information.

5. User Conduct

It is forbidden to make available any User Content that is unlawful or not the copyright belongs, included what is offensive to the honor or morality, which invades the privacy of others, which is threatening, vulgar, obscene, bigoted, racist or any otherwise objectionable.

User not allowed to collect or store personal data about other users, violating the rights of children and adolescents, stalk or otherwise harass another, or any act of invasion which could harm other users or their portal Poonya among other products Sunag.